Electric Nickel Plated Steel with NANOWEB Coating

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Hello people, it's nice to meet them:D
#iamnewhere Hello friends is my first time here, I just graduated from lawyer, i am very interested in penal area and the criminology . My friends always tell me that I am their messiah I will be the one who will get them out of hahaha trouble (and I hope to do it) But not only do I dedicate myself to that, I also have my musician side , i play my music keyboard and i try to do video game covers and my own personal content. I like to read and play graphic novels games. I love watching horror movies especially genre “Found footage” and lately I'm learning to illustrate! I think that many of us who have a profession as a lawyer, accountant, doctor or engineer have in the background an artistic side that wants to manifest, that is why I do not miss the opportunity to be alive and learn new skills and be able to combine them. (:
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Gabo Foundation launches digital book 'Journalism in the face of misinformation'
#yoorspdf Disinformation has found a great present and future in the era of social networks and digital platforms, thus posing countless challenges and possibilities for journalism. To join forces to better investigate, understand, explain and confront this phenomenon, the Gabo Foundation is pleased to present the digital book Journalism before disinformation. This book, edited and published within the framework of the programme 'Journalistic ethics', compiles the reflections, analysis and proposals of experts and teachers on the roots and functioning of disinformation, as well as the paths that journalism can be traveled to contribute to better informed and more democratic societies. Here you will be able to approach good practices, resources and guides to study and thoroughly understand the disinformation system: what it is, where it comes from, how it circulates, how it works, who are behind it, what is it looking for and what journalism can do in a world with such disinformation. The publication of this book is part of the Gabo Foundation's Ethics Network's efforts to combat misinformation, including: Perhaps: questionnaire that weekly tests journalistic smell to detect fake news. Group on Facebook This news is false: space to alert about disinformation circulating through the media and the Internet. Convivenciones en Red: blog in which it promotes responsible and transparent use of social networks. Download the PDF for free Source: Cultural Mail https://correocultural.com/ / Gabo Foundation. https://fundaciongabo.org/es