Here I am, back again with updates of our launch coming up. If you haven't heard about it yet, please check out the post Say Farewell to Yoors. As I've mentioned before challenges will be the corepoint of the new website. Some of you asked for categories in the past, well here they are, back for good!

  • All challenges belong to 1 or more categories.
  • The starting categories will include: Photography, Art, Sports, Nature, Culture, Tech, Music, Entertainment, Comedy, Gaming , Spirituality etc.
  • The Yoors Team will make challenges based on these categories that you can participate in
  • Win prizes ranging from 100 to 1000 euros if you are elected as the winner by our wonderful jury
  • You can explore in your favourite categories.
  • You will see all challenges and posts that belong to these specific categories.

Are you missing any more categories? Mention them below.

Sneak peak into the new Challenges Launch: The Explore Section.

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Comment with a minimum of 20 words.
Monetization is required