Het is koud en guur


De winter is ingevallen. Buiten is het koud en guur. Alleen de diehards wagen zich nu nog naar buiten. Maar sommigen denken dat het altijd feest is in het leven. Zonder jas naar buiten… hoeveel ouders waarschuwen daar niet voor? Maar er zijn altijd kinderen die zich daar niets van aantrekken.

Als je van voetballen houdt, zijn er geen grenzen. Dan moet en zal je die bal beroeren. Zelfs als de weerman waarschuwt voor de gevaren van de ijzige kou, zelfs als er een heuse sneeuwstorm op komst is, blijft het kind de bal hooghouden. Een beetje geholpen door de koude lucht, want de bal blijft gewoon in freeze stand in de lucht hangen…

Maar wie kan het kind nog redden als zij inderdaad ingesneeuwd raakt? Haar eigen enthousiasme misschien? Ja, dit meisje zal zeker vastberaden uit de puree komen.


Een foto van Voetbalmeisje Isa Bos, gemaakt door AvR Photography, vormt de basis van dit 140 woorden verhaal over een sneeuwstorm.

Dank je wel, @Dewaputra, voor je maandelijkse uitdaging.


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The Pinch
We are cycling, Jan likes to be on the pedals, my tongue is almost on the handlebar, not an ideal position. In the park is a short distance from the path, a work of art: a flathheye wooden structure in the shape of a clothespin. Jan never has an eye for art, I think it's funny, it looks like the pin is holding a mountain of grass and wants to take a closer look at it. But culturally barbarian Jan has no message to this. The underlying distance grows. “Hey, Jan, don't ride so fast! Take a look around you, enjoy nature!' Jan holds in for a moment, looks skitfully to the left. “I don't ride so hard for nothing. You see that giant pincher? Who stands for treachery. The ground is waving, the earth is moving, I'm telling you, something is not fluff!' 'That's just an art object.' “No, it doesn't look like art in the farthest distance. It's a giant pincher, you hear?? The Pinch of a Giant! And you see what it's on?' My heart is pounding, I have aroused his interest, now nonchalance feigning. “On a grassy shedding. What cares that?.' “Don't you feel the earth trembling? It's not an ordinary grass huvel, sure not!' “And, Jan, what do you think it would be??' “A disguised giant. He lies. He sleeps. restless. He sleeps onrustig. It would also make me restless when I lie under the sods of grass.' 'And the pincher who's definitely standing on his nose, 'I hear how ridiculous this sounds, his fantasy has taken a walk with him. “Hahaha, Jan, I think you've contracted a Danian contagion.' “Don't laugh! It is so. The pincher is on his nose.' “And then why?' “To stop the snoring, duh.' “And where do you get that wisdom from?' “Do you hear someone snoring?' 'No.' 'Well then! Facts don't lie. I'm telling you, we have to cycle fast before the giant wakes up.' “And why would the giant wake up?' “Everyone wakes up over time. Only in fairy tales sleeps a few hundred years.' 'There's no pin in there.. But wait, I want to take a picture of it first! You don't see a giant pincher every day.' 'I'll app to the other side of the park. There are also a few silly individuals watching, who can shoot a picture, we are also on.' 'Tight plan!' Jan sends the app and we continue our way. #shortstory  
K a t a p u l t
On the bumpy path towards the holiday home in the Czech Republic, Jákab opens the window of the car. It's a hot summer day. Another ten minutes drive and he'd be at the cottage. Suddenly Jákab gets hit by something. He just knows how to ride up the path and turn the key at the cottage. Unconscious, he collapses in the hall. Jákab will lie down for a long time. Vague comes the realization that he floats between two worlds upon awakening. Seconds later, he is flooded by a wave of pain in his face. Again seconds later he hears beeping intermittently. The realization comes in slowly. It's the wooden shutters that crack through the wind. Slowly, the realization that he is in the cottage comes and Jákab wonders who is talking about him ........ (being prosecuted) Photo: Pinterest