How much I had enjoyed this weekend could shoot beautiful pictures. I took my nikon out of the dust I'm going against it again. Now that it will be soon spring again, I am more often there.

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Cover - Kiss from a rose - Seal
#cover   #kissfromarose   #seal   #improvisation   #piano   #onlyplan   #pianomusic   #music This afternoon I was practicing on the piano again.. Do you know the song Kiss from a rose by Seal? The song was released in 1994 and was re-released in 1995 as a soundtrack for the film Batman Forever. I think it's a wonderful song and totally fun as a challenge on the piano. So it was a little jamming and improvising this afternoon. So I went randomly just record in 1 x and I didn't know what I was going through for a riedles would start throwing. It's a pity about that one false note, but that's also part of practice and improvise and luckily I play through. Just a snapshot and also on video you can see that. I'm not at all busy how I get on the video or stand haha, given my mimicry in the face. Supreme concentration and occasional crooked mouth. Hahaha, well what's the matter, I'll just do it. Have a lot of listening! Kiss from Madeleine
Exhibition Da Vinci 500 the inventor
#yoorsapril2021           THE INVENTOR - - Exhibition Da Vinci 500  - Medellín Colombia An international exhibition that has the support of the Leonardo 3 museum in Milan, Italy, and the UPB Renaissance Workshop at the Bolivarian University of Medellin.   Large-scale Leonardo Da Vinci models have been created for design and construction and displayed in an extraordinary exhibition. The experiences were unique, since they allowed us to interact with many of the pieces to the public, we were able to appreciate 3D reconstructions and animations of their drawings to understand how all their inventions were based on a series of simple machines, permeated by the spiritual eye - by Leonardo da Vinci. Photos of my tour of the exhibition. Machines Leonardo da Vinci was an obsessive observer of nature, interpreting and deciphering his laws with the invention of machines that failed or were not built. Art   Da Vinci begins his life in Anchiano, a small town, in Florence. To follow the trail of his works, we must begin with those that he left in his native country, which preserves one of the master's great paintings. Anatomy Leonardo da Vinci studied human and animal anatomy, understanding all the physical functioning of him, differentiating himself from other anatomists thanks to the details of his drawings. Una muestra internacional que conto con el apoyo del museo Leonardo 3 en Milán, Italia, y con el Taller del Renacimiento de UPB en la Universidad Bolivariana de Medellín. Se crearon para el diseño y la construcción los modelos Leonardo Da Vinci a gran escala que fueron expuestos en una extraordinaria exposición. La experiencias fue única , desde interactiva que nos permitieron interactuar con muchas de las piezas al público , pudimos apreciar reconstrucciones en 3D y animaciones de sus dibujos para entender cómo todas sus invenciones se basaron en una serie de máquinas simples, permeadas por el -ojo espiritual- de Leonardo da Vinci. Fotos de mi recorrido por la exposición.  Máquinas Leonardo da Vinci fue un obsesivo observador de la naturaleza, interpretando y descifrando sus leyes con la invención de máquinas que fallaron o no fueron construidas. Arte Da Vinci comienza su vida en Anchiano, un pueblo pequeño, en Florencia. Para seguir el rastro de sus obras, debemos comenzar por las que dejó en su país natal, que conserva una de las grandes pinturas del maestro. Anatomía Leonardo da Vinci estudió la anatomía humana y animal, comprendiendo todo su funcionamiento físico, diferenciándose de los demás anatomistas gracias a los detalles de sus dibujos.