Yesterday I sent this website to a friend and immediately got a thought.

I am sending this because I learn a lot from this website. From the posts on it called 'letters.'

I am helping her by sending this really helpful content.

By helping her with real good content she becomes more valuable for Yoors and our relationship deepens.

So 1 website gives me so much 'love'. (? )

You can see that they are extremely well worked out. There is a lot of experience and personality in it.

And I really like it a lot.

You should therefore be aware that 1 post will be worked on for at least a week to a month. And maybe contains years of experience. And is very well researched as well.

After that, there will be an evergreen post that people will enjoy for years to come.

Furthermore, this gentleman also cashes in on his own learning curve. He learns by doing and others can subscribe to it . Actually, that's it.

Let that sink in.

He describes his journey.

Very personal and very full of information and knowledge that we can also use. And at the same time he earns it. So you don't have to be 'ready' or sell something perfect. You can also just do it and describe what you are doing.

Can you do that too ?

And wanting is not wanting a little. This means that you must be motivated to work on 1 post for 2-4 weeks. And that it contains something that people are literally waiting for.

After that you will see people sharing it.
Create links to.
Responding to it and talking about it with others like I do with you now.

You don't have to think about SEO or Social or about influencers and other hip things.

You just tell the best story you can tell.

Are you going to do that too?

So 1 website gives me so much 'love'   (? )

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