Solstice dream

An intense perfume of roses.

Cordelia was driving through this Scottish country road, car window pulled down, enjoying the breeze and colours of late June, when she sensed it.

She spotted a derelict house in the distance. It stood out in the middle of the fields.

Cordelia stopped the car and walked there.

The scent was stronger. She explored the place; no flowers.

Suddenly, a speck of light materialized, exploding into a giant circle.

Cordelia ran to hide behind a crumbling wall and observe.

A green hand emerged from it, then a black boot, finally a nose. A witch! Others followed.

Chanting began in this coven; roses and petals offered in celebration of Summer Solstice.

Cordelia fell asleep.

When she woke, she was sitting in her parked car.

A dream?

She moved and a rose petal fell from her hair.

#140w #november #writingchallenge #challenge #fun #coven
Imagem de cocoparisienne por Pixabay
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