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Some Of The Most Fascinating Facts About The Planet Earth!

We live on an incredible planet, it has a lot of things hidden deep inside the seas which the human species can never know. Even if we know a lot of things about planet Earth, we can not know everything about it because it is very huge with lots of places, human beings of different cultures speaking different languages, oceans, plants, animals, and much more. You should know about the planet you are living on. So here are some of the most interesting facts you would like to know about the planet Earth!

The molten iron core of Earth creates a Magnetic field

It is so fascinating that our planet Earth is like a huge magnet. The magnetosphere is a region formed when the magnetic field is created covering thousands of kilometers from the planet Earth's surface. Do you know how the magnetosphere is created by Earth? The magnetosphere is the outer core of Earth which is molten. The heat which is produced in the molten outer core creates an electric current. You will be thinking, is the magnetosphere helpful for us? Yes, the magnetosphere is helpful for all human beings. If it would not be there then human beings would be exposed to a lot of radiation coming from the sun.


To rotate on its axis, Earth doesn't take 24 hours

23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4 seconds is the precise time taken by our planet to rotate on its axis. Very few populations know about the reality that Earth is not taking 24 hours to rotate. Some people would think that if 4 minutes is less then this time will add up day after day and after a few months, the day would be converted into the night. But as you know that Earth rotates a huge star called the sun which moves backward about 1 degree every day so it will not happen like that.

Earth is billions of years old

We generally don't think about how old our planet Earth is, but you should know how old our planet is. It is around 4.5 billion years old! We know that it is billions of years old because scientists used the oldest rocks to find the age.


The length of the day on Earth was not always the same

If you are thinking that the day length was 24 hours from the beginning of the formation of Earth then it is not true. When the planet Earth was made 4.5 billion years ago the length of the day was only six hours. Around 610 years ago the length of the day increased up to 21 hours and now it is 24 hours.

These were some of the most interesting facts about the planet Earth which you were probably do not knowing. There are a lot of interesting things about this planet we still don't know. Hope you liked reading this post! We would love to know your views about this post so comment below.

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