What pain I felt this morning
but it hurt me more when I woke up
when I realized that drunk and for no reason
in front of my children I hit my wife

this morning when I woke up
saddened she brought me my coffee
her swollen face made me feel like a coward
I brought her flowers and once again I conquered her

her relatives asked her to denounce me
I tell them because I listened to her
she said he hasn't done anything but love me
it was on the stairs that yesterday i slipped

a few days ago I arrived home very late
I hit her again and this time it was much worse.
I saw her determined to go out for help
she regretted it when I gave her a flower

a few days ago she celebrated her thirtieth birthday
I got drunk to celebrate her again
the next day i woke up in jail
someone explain to me because I don't know why
the judge told me that I remember you
you drunk I killed your wife

I shuddered and regretted it
I was sentenced and I'll never get out of here
Today is your burial and I'm locked up
Today I don't understand why you didn't denounce me
I'd be in jail but she'd be alive
I can't give her the last flower anymore

Some women suffer from partner abuse