In the middle of the parking lot in front.
And you'll see opportunities right away. But that thing weighs 20 kilos, so that was just toil and sweat to get him into the shed.

A year later, there was suddenly the Eureka moment!💡 Suddenly I knew what I was going to do with the tree trunk. With all my powers, I dragged the trunk out of the barn, up 1 staircase and put it on a high stool in the kitchen.

I got my macramé rope and the rest of the craft stuff together and sat down for it. I went to tie around the sawnoff stumps on the spot, just as long as it was to my liking. And perfectionist, I also took it apart a number of times and knotted it again.

After a week of tying a few hours every night, he was finally ready and to my liking.

Off to the local garden center to purchase the plants carefully selected in advance via Google. 3 plants that climb, hang and attach through aerial roots.

I even tried my best to have those 3 plants also match each other in color 🤣

Despite the fact that I'm not happy soon, I'm actually this time. I think I've put something original in my living room.

That's why I'm also very curious about the reactions of others! 🤗 And if there are more people who have such a thing at home.