Awsome summer tune in Dalmatia, Croatia

"Can you, please, make the noise go away?" - asks pail man as his first question while standing up from a driver seat of a car, who happened to be guest I'm expecting to arrive. While the moment is passing by in complete confusion for both of us not knowing what to say, instead of warm greetings and intercedes, he continued with the irritated voice: " Can you, please, explain to me what is this awful sound repeating itself all over again, and again?! How you can live with this?"

Time to stop this madness and find out what on Earth he's talking about. From a perspective of a man who's the first time in Dalmatia, Croatia,  in late July meaning hot summer season and sunshine, smelling the salt in the air and that specific sound!

"Oh my Goood, will this continue over the night? My head hurts. Is this sound safe? Should we buy earplugs for the kids?" - continued he with panic and this time escalated in range of worrying for good night sleep to worrying about his children health. I interrupted a new flood of questions by breaking the obvious: "It's crickets!"

I laughed within the whole time while explaining few simple things about crickets because they never experienced such loud bugs before and they were generally surprised. They stood in the parking lot, a family of four, for few minutes and they just listen trying to decide if is the noise acceptable or not. At the moment it was almost like a fear of new.

It was strange, so strange to them hearing the cricket, but for me, it's just background noise. While they stood in their surprise, I was thinking about man's first suggestion imagining my shelf going from tree to tree and actually turn them off, it's impossible.

After we did a tour in their rented apartment, the man gave a sad look to confirm: "So, those crickets... They would not stop, aren't they?" I just gave him a big wide smile and thanked him in my mind for a lesson.

A lesson is - new can hurt sometimes. But only for a moment, while you finding a way to enjoy the moment. Also, what's new for me, it's maybe familiar to you (or another way around), be patient enough to hear the answer :D

Whole this writing inspired me to track down the cricket and make a short video for you to experience his loudness, if never before.   #somertunes #summervacation  #nature
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