During my fifty years of stay on this planet, I have concluded that destiny aka قیسمت (क़िस्मत) in Urdu, is a potent force that plays a very dominant role in shaping the character, career and the life of a being.

For me, destiny means, His will - The will of the Lord.

Believe me, everything in this universe happens as per His wish.

Though He is the sole cause of this universe, He can't be perceived easily, in an ordinary way.

Few months back, I read an amusing, misleading article about some scientists discovering "God Particle" - the origin, cause of the Universe.

Well, these "discoverers" perhaps do not know that it is impossible to see "The Cause" in "The Effect".

Can one see a skilled goldsmith in an exquisite gold necklace?

Can one perceive a potter in a beautiful mud jar?

During my life, I have seen incompetent, dunderheads occupying key positions while brilliant minds doing odd jobs, eking out a living.

All due to His desire!

हमने देखा है उन शख्सों को भी मशहूर होते हुए, जो किसी काबिल ही ना थे
हमने देखा है उन शख्सों को भी मंज़िलें पाते हुए, जो दौड़ में शामिल ही ना थे

I have seen people attaining fame, who were sheer stupid.
I have seen people attaining key positions for which they did not even aim for.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

Everything Happens According To His Wish.