The behaviour of a being is subjective.

It is mentioned in the "Jataka tales" (जातक कथाएं) that even ferocious, mighty lions lovingly licked the feet of Gautam Buddha, whenever they encountered Him.

A being becomes convivial, enjoys meeting some.
However, in the company of others, the same being gets irked, becomes ill at ease.

I have discerned that one's own attitude towards a being determines, to a large extent, it's feelings for one.

Love begets love!

To corroborate, I have written the following lines :

वही शख़्स महकता गुलाब है, वही शख़्स ज़हरीला ख़ार
प्यार करोे तो वोह सितार है, और नफ़रत करो तो कटार

ख़ार : thorn.

The same person can be a fragrant rose as well as a poisonous thorn.

It all depends on one's behaviour towards that person.

By lovingly caressing a Sitar (a musical instrument), one hears soothing, heavenly musical notes coming out of it.

In the same way, if one gives affection to a person, the person will provide immense solace to one.

If one is malicious, hates a person, then mind it, the person will become minacious like a deadly dagger.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

Love Begets Love!