In order to substantiate that one sees, listens, interprets according to one's own peculiar perspective, Gautam Buddha once, at the end of His sermon, advised His adherents, "The night has fallen. It's the most opportune time to do more work."

Next day, He called His disciples to find out what the adherents did last night.

The disciples found that for a thief, who was present among the followers, "more work" meant executing a big burglary.
So last night he looted the house of a wealthy trader.

For a prostitute, "more work" meant serving more customers.
So last night she sold her body many times.

A meditator, on the other hand, perceived "more work" as spending more time in meditation.
So last night he meditated, prayed longer than usual.

Fully subscribing to the wise sayings of Gautam, I also believe that one's personality is hugely influenced by one's surroundings, the company one keeps.

I have written the following lines to bolster my view point :

बारिश की सब बूंदें, पहनें अलग-अलग लिबास
सीप में पड़ें तो बनें मोती, मिट्टी में गिरे तो घास

Although the rain drops are similar in composition and shape yet they acquire different forms when they fall on different objects.

Rain drops falling inside an oyster transform into silvery pearls.
Rain drops mingling with the mud grow into beautiful blades of green grass.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

One Sees According To One's Own Perspective