#spirituality For me, the primary purpose of writing on social media is to share my vast spiritual experiences, ruminations with people, especially those belonging to younger generation.

In this post, I want to elaborate on the doctrine of "Aparigraha" which means "non-possessiveness".

Our sages were of the view that we must shun material possessions as they undoubtedly bring miseries.
Don't try to pluck and possess a beautiful flower. You will not only shorten it's life, you will be able to enjoy it's fragrance for only a short while.
An animated flower in the garden, on the other hand, provides delight to many, for more days.

While pondering over "Vivekachudamani" by Adi Shankaracharya, the renowned Indian thinker, I have discovered that principle of non attachment is also firmly embedded in the doctrine of "Aparigraha".

I am of the opinion that in the contemporary times, there is no need to reject material possessions outrightly. If lady luck is blessing you with copious money, retain some for your essentials and use the major part to educate poor children, provide medical care, food, clothes to the destitute.
Otherwise, trust me, abundant moolah will bring along all the evils and make your life wretched, irrespective of all your palatial palaces and fleets of SUVs.

Apart from material goods, I believe that one must also be nonattached with one's body.
Serve others as much as possible with your body, mind and heart. Dutifully take proper care of your body through adequate exercise, vegetarian diet.
However remain detached from it. You see, your body is only "your" abode, abode of the soul. Repeatedly we have been committing the same blunder--identifying ourselves with our bodies, leading illusory lives.

When the call of the Almighty comes, in the form of some terminal illness, take it readily, equanimously. Don't try to evade it and befool Him by buying useless medical insurance policies. I have found that even the most sophisticated medical treatment for such illness only prolongs the torture, incarceration. Non treatment seems to me the best "treatment" as it would mercifully expedite the meeting with the Maker.
I for one would not like to linger on, move around like a zombie, becoming burden on my loved ones.
A free bird in the open sky is any day better, joyful than a cramped bird in a (cage)!

~ Sanjay Gargish ~