With the killing of his son Abhimanyu by Kauravas in the great war of Mahabharata, Arjuna started crying inconsolably, went in a deep grief.

At that juncture, Lord Krishna revealed to Arjuna the mystery of the cycle of birth and death.

In "Sri Bhagavad Gita", Lord Krishna sermonized Arjuna :

"Dear Arjuna, souls are unborn, indestructible.

Just as one throws away one's old, tattered clothes and wears new clothes, likewise, souls take on new bodies whenever the existing bodies become unfit due to illnesses, old age, wear and tear.

Relations exist as long as bodies exist!
They change with new bodies.

Both you and Abhimanyu have taken umpteen births before. In one of his previous births, Abhimanyu was your friend while in another you were his son!

There is no use grieving over the body, made up of five elements (पंच-भूत) namely the fire, earth water, wind and ether as the body is destructible, bound to become a heap of dust - sooner or later".

I have deciphered that the two things that do not let a being escape from the cycle of birth and death (संसार), from the clutches of this painful, disloyal world are :

(a) माया (illusion) : Under the influence of illusion, a being "sees" that which infact is not there.
A being wrongly thinks that it's body, it's son, it's wife, it's relations are inseparable parts of it.
The fact, however, is that a being comes alone in this world and departs from this world at the opportune time, unaccompanied.

(b) मोह (attachment) : A being becomes excessively attached with the worldly things, beings. It does not want to separate from them. So it takes birth again and again in this seemingly joyful but in reality a torturous planet.

Well, I have written the following lines in this context :

माधव तेरे इस मुल्क़ से जाना बहुत मुहाल
मोह की बंधी हैं ज़ंजीरें, माया का है जाल

मुहाल : difficult.

Lord Krishna, it is extremely difficult for one to escape from this painful world of Yours.

Here everyone is fastened tightly with the chains of attachment.

Also every being is entagled in the tenacious web of illusion created by You.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

The Mystery Behind The Cycle Of Birth And Death.