One who is born is sure to die.

A dead body is either cremated or buried.  

Either way, it decomposes to become manure that nourishes fruit trees, cereal crops.

By savoring the fruits, vegetables and cereals, living beings get energy, produce sperms, ova.  

The fusion of sperm and egg gives rise to a new being.

Thus, every death paves the way for a new being!

In this creation, birth and death alternate each other since time immemorial.

So what exactly is the raison d'etre of human life in this temporal world?

I have explained it in the following lines :

जो बना है वह मिटेगा, मिटकर होगा फिर तैयार
बनने-मिटने के इस खेल में कर सत्य का दीदार

That which is born, has to die, ultimately.

Just as every birth has a death, every death gives rise to a new body.

Amidst this show of birth and death, there is the divine spark which is unborn and hence can never die or be killed.

This divine spark is called soul (आत्मा).

The sole purpose of human life is to become aware of this truth, connect itself (the soul) with the Supersoul (परमात्मा) and attain pure, permanent bliss (परमानंद).

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

The Sole Purpose Of Human Life.