A deeply spiritual person, once my father counselled me, "Son, any material thing or being that provides some solace, is also the fountainhead of manifold miseries. Beware of this dangerous trap, my son."

I ruminated over my father's wise counsel, astonishingly found it absolutely faultless.

Though airconditoners provide transitory relief from sweltering heat, they also cause many diseases like arthritis, respiratory problems, allergies, wrinkles.

Inflated ego and indolence invariably accompany wealth, causing one's downfall, poor health.

Pampering their children pleases parents.
Often these very children either flee to foreign countries to earn dollars, leaving their aged parents behind to fend for themselves or dump them in old age homes. This is especially true in the contemporary times.

I believe, have written :

हरि के नाम को भूलकर, तू जो करे है भोग विलास
खारे पानी से बुझे कब मूर्ख, आब-ए-हयात की प्यास

आब-ए-हयात : nectar.

O foolish one, you are futilely trying to quench your thirst for nectar by drinking salty water!

Happiness in the worldly things, beings is only ephemeral, my dear.

If you want true and everlasting bliss, then the only way is to lovingly chanting the Name of Hari (The Supreme Being).

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

Thirst For Nectar Cannot Be Quenched By Salty Water.