"Your suggestion to leave worldly possessions, desires is impractical. It's simply not possible" says an acquaintance of mine, with regard to one of my posts.

Well, let me tell you that all my posts have been imbued with my life experiences.
These have been well researched, written by me with much introspection and confidence. There is absolutely no question of their being impractical.

The fact however is that those who have chased material possessions and all such nonsense throughout their lives would rarely admit that they have made complete asses of themselves, wasted their precious lives by just collecting heaps of junk, "stinking trash".

Somehow I have taken it upon myself to at least place the ringing alarm clock against the ears of "sleeping" humanity.

This world, and all that it encapsulates, has the following attributes:
(a) It doesn't remain forever.
(b) It changes with time and perspective.

The world before our eyes, my dear, is highly collapsible. Umpteen times it has been destroyed, innumerable times it has been reconstructed.

The apparently distinct wordly things, beings have particular lifespans after which all of them become identical, attain selfsame forms - dust!

Also, this world looks different from different perspectives.
From different windows of the same house, one sees different views!

Different beings see the world differently. Owls see an altogether different, perhaps more beautiful, world in the darkness of night. With much powerful eyesight, vultures can see that which remains invisible to human eyes.

All the material things, beings are in continual state of flux.
In short, all are fakes. Well, if you still want yourself to be surrounded by the playthings, then the choice is entirely yours.

By the way there is no need to leave anything. The question of renouncing something arises only when one owns something. My dear, leave aside material goods, one is not even the owner of one's body.
Even our bodies don't obey us otherwise we wouldn't have grown old, would have remained young forever!

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

This World Is Always In A Flux