Two Methods To Unshackle From The Web Of Illusions

"अहं ब्रह्मास्मि" is the pith of all the Hindu scriptures, philosophical treatises that I have studied till date.
Simply put, the phrase means "I'm Brahma".
In other words, there is no difference between soul and supersoul or god.

A drop of seawater has the same saltiness, minerals as is found in the Sea itself!

However, under the influence of "माया" (illusion), a soul has forgotten it's true identity, nature.
It considers this imaginary world as real.

Under the sway of illusions, a soul gets itself attached to all the mundane things, beings. This fondness for the transitory world brings nothing except miseries, glooms and dejections.

I opine that the whole purpose of spirituality is to wake a soul out of deep hypersomnia, to make it realize that peace can only be found by freeing oneself from the clutches of illusions.

There are only two ways to unshackle oneself from the web of illusion, woven all around :
(a) meditation.
(b) by chanting the name of Lord, lovingly and single mindedly

~ Sanjay Gargish ~