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About Spotify is written in various places online. Everyone knows that Spotify is about paid or free music listening over the internet. In addition, most people also know that Spotify can be used on smartphones, tablets and computers; via apps on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and Android) and via a program or website on computers or laptops.

Being a social media user you might notice, often apps may look different across different devices. For example, the Facebook app on android devices is not looking the same as it appears on IOS devices. However, the motive of the tech world is to make these apps look similar across all devices.

Wow! Spotify is a great example of that you know although the apps or web apps are not looking identical across the devices. So pretty much work has been done on all platforms. Therefore, regardless of what kind of devices you are using. I came up with a definite solution for all users which will work.

Here's how to stream music for free with Spotify.

In addition, many people are unclear about the exact possibilities of Spotify. What many people do not know, for example, is an answer to the question of whether you can now also download free music with Spotify. That's why today on an answer to that question. Can you download music for free with Spotify?

And, is that possible?

And to get straight to the point, downloading free music with Spotify is not possible. You cannot store music files (in MP3 format, for example) on your computer or laptop with Spotify. Also, you can't download music on mobile phones with Spotify without paying for it.

Logical, of course: to listen to music you choose yourself, you need a paid subscription to Spotify. And with that, it is immediately impossible to download free music with Spotify. In addition, Spotify is a respected company: downloading free music is illegal in most cases. Spotify will never cooperate with that.

What is possible?

With Spotify, you can listen to music for free on computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. However, you cannot choose what you want to hear, based on your musical preference (which you can indicate yourself), Spotify creates playlists with music you like.

If you have a Spotify subscription, you can download music on your smartphone or tablet. You will then not get mp3 files that you can listen to; Spotify only allows you to download music by making it available offline. You can then listen to this music via the Spotify app while your smartphone or tablet is not online.

And last but not least

Spotify is primarily a company that offers online music streaming. Making music available offline can be seen as 'downloading music'. Nevertheless, the music that you make available offline can only be listened to in Spotify. And with that Spotify really remains a music streaming service and not a music download service.

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