Squid crafting of toilet rolls

You must have seen them swimming by somewhere on the Internet, cuttlefish from toilet rolls. The idea is not very original, but we had never made it before. So to finish our “to do” list, we wanted to make these marine animals ourselves once. And how simple is it! In a few minutes they were ready, and they are now showing off in the living room. So save your empty toilet rolls and conjure up a few too!

You can also pierce a hole with a piercing pin and hang them in your room! These squid are painted with Creall Top Deco (the basic colors) and then dunted with the sponge bottles Spongy Tint. But of course there are 1000 other ways to decorate your toilet roll squid!

Let the paint dry first, this top deco acrylic paint dries super fast. With a pen, for example, you can curl the squid feet. Decorate them with the Spongy Tintby simply blotting the whole bottle. Nice and easy, even for the little ones and you can hardly mess with it!

Stick wiggle eyes or draw eyelets with a marker. After that, you can wrap wolwires around it, cover it with glitter stones, beads, washi tape, stickers or decorate with other frummeltjes that you have in your home.

The materials: De Creall Top deco paint (15,95 for 6 bottles) and the Creall Spongy Tint (16,95 for 6 bottles) can be ordered in the online Creall Shop . From 25 euros, your order will be delivered free of charge. In addition, you getFREE DO&DRY MACHING CLAY when you enter the voucher code “creametkids”! Isn't that cool?


31/07/2020 Enrolled by Bernadette of Bastel Deko Maus from Ebenthalin Kärnten