Squirrel crafting a pot lid

Autumn.. autumn what do you have for sale?

A new recycle your vegetables lid series, and this time in sign of autumn! This time we'll make a squirrel!

Autumn stands in many ways, marked by many colors and smells. But there are also a lot of animals, which already begin to build a winter stock in a timely manner. They do this, of course, in autumn, when, for example, the acorns fall off the tree. Another animal, is already looking for a place to stay safe and warm, to be able to hibernate.

What kind of animals are we going to make?

1. Squirrel

2. Hedgehog

3. Owl

4. Spider

What do you need for this craft?

- Vegetable lid.

- Brown paint, brush.

- Brown coloured paper/ background paper-cardboard

Wiggle eyes, glue, scissors, marker.

How do you make it?

1. Paint the lid with brown paint. Multiple layers are needed. To speed up drying use a hair dryer.

2. Measure how big you want the earphones, part of the head. Sign this and cut out. Don't forget the tufts on his ears. Teething and nose draw and cut out.

3. Draw a body with tail on paper. Paint it with brown paint. Cut the tail loose from the body and cut the tail into model. You cut out the body.

4. Paste the head with all the loose cut items. Stick wiggle eyes on the head.

5. Choose a beautiful background for your squirrel.

6. Stick the squirrel onto the cardboard of your choice. Press all parts well.

7. Make paws and a pair of acorns out of paper. Cut these out and paste them up.

8. By sticking the legs at the beginning and at the end, it looks a bit like they come forward.

Photo in this blog comes from pixabay.


And that's what it looks like in the end. Lots of crafting fun!


Below 3 nice tips with a squirrel in the lead role!

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