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Flying High

That must be the wish of this young bird to fly well and high. You have to learn to fly and take some practice. But once you have mastered the basics of flying, flying becomes fun, better and you can travel distances. That's the way it is with blogging. If you've never blogged before, the step to take it might be a bit of a scary step. Often new things are unknown and a little scary, but hey there were a lot of people who once took that step. They didn't know anything about blogging, but they too gradually learned to blog and dared to take steps and evolved as bloggers by reading and writing and learning a lot.

I'm going to tell you in this blog how to put all the “yes but's “overboard and start blogging today! Because how do you start as a novice blogger and where do you blog? I'm going to explain all that to you today, so that you, like me, can start as a blogger five years ago. Two things are needed first of all: meaning and time. Fancy reading, writing, learning. Investing time in yourself to discover how blogging works and how you can develop as a blogger. Have you become curious, read on!


Yes, I am curious and want to know more about blogging

Nice that you have become curious about blogging! Let me tell you how I started as a blogger and in what place! It all started about five years ago that I saw a message on Facebook that you could sign up for free as a blogger at the blogger platform Yoors. I thought, why not? It's free and I've been looking for a place where I could write off. Also, I love reading very much, so I thought two birds with one stone. On Yoors I can read and write. I signed in via the login button and was inside Yoors within a few seconds. A nice platform that was still in an early stage and I thought it was super cool to experience it from the beginning how you could write there as a blogger. There were plenty of topics you could follow, such as sports, nature, science, health, art, music, photography, recipes, history, news, animals, beauty, and much more. In short, a lot of topics you could read blogs about and write yourself. I started with a first blog about music. It was exciting to have my first blog online, but the other members of Yoors were thoughtful and went to read my blog and shared my blog. The atmosphere at Yoors was very good and what I found very interesting is that we learned things from each other. Five years later, Yoors has grown into a very modern platform with many members and I feel very at home there. You can write endlessly on all kinds of topics and you will be rewarded for your work. In this blog I will show you what Yoors is and what you can do there. At that time I started about five years ago it was just set up and in those years that followed I went through many developments together with other Yoorsbloggers. Yoors is not finished, was the first video of the founder of Yoors, @Henkjan The Warrior And now five years later, Yoors is almost finished. I think this is a great experience that we have all gone through and through and I also give you, as a new blogger, this unique opportunity to let you participate in a fair and open platform where you matter! You can express yourself in all kinds of ways, such as writing, but you can also show photography or music that you might make. Or maybe you want to present your book or show your cooking skills. It's all possible! You, who is unique as a human being! That's the beauty of Yoors. That we respect each other for who we are and that we learn from each other and that we help each other. Do you want to become a Yoorsblogger?

The video of @Henkjan The Warrior you can see here... Yoors is not finished, well almost!


Yes, I want to be a Yoors blogger

Nice that you decided to become a Yoorsblogger! The Yoor members welcome you! Once you sign up for Yoors, you will receive a manual from Yoors, so you can start as a novice blogger. We also like to get to know each other and we always introduce each other. Below you can see What is Yoors? How to start as a novice blogger - Yoors signpost How to introduce yourself as a new blogger to the other Yoormembers. Follow the tag #iamnewhere and write a short introduction about yourself. Below you can also immediately get a short introduction of @Henkjan The Warrior read. Then you'll see how you can make something like that yourself.

I already told you at the beginning of this blog that you can read and write blogs about many different topics on Yoors. Below I share some blogs, so you get an impression of what you can expect on Yoors. But it's a lot of variety you can find on Yoors.

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