Buibui, Rugby & Innovation


I remember when I created a Muslim event with my then business partner Fatuma.

I had intentionally entered the niche Muslim market because I was aware they hold their events in a different manner.

Fatuma knew what would appeal to her fellow Muslims, and I knew how to enhance the services she suggested to acceptable contemporary standards.

Both of our know-how brought exceptional standards to the event.

It was hilarious to watch the women play rugby wearing hijab and buibui, because the clothing even though loose and long, didn't hold them back.

The women tumbled joyously and roughed each other up in a sport like manner. A number of buibuis got torn on the seams, while other women resorted to tying the loose clothing on their waist to give them room to run.

This event helped me in planning an event later on, where I was able to convince a number of people to play drunken- soccer match. A brewery sponsored the game. It was the most fun game to watch.

With an opponent forgetting where their goal-post is and some unable to hold the urge to pee....

The goal keepers were the only sober players and they had a hard time.
It was safe that the drunken soccer match was for adults only.

Performing repeated experiments helps the mind to create simple innovations
Having had the experience of holding the woman rugby....helped me a great deal in innovating a successful drunken soccer match, and when players were red carded and wanted to pick a fight with the referee....it was all part of the game and we laughed and laughed some more how a drunken player carried the ball under the armpit... wobbling to the opposite goal, falling down several times, only to hand over the ball to his wife who was seated at the front row of the stadium seats, urging her in his drunken stupor to run with the ball home😍