Design In Times Of Corona

#staypositive Let's take this design further. Masks are fast becoming an- a -must health accessory, even though the small masks we adorn around our mouth and nose hardly protect us from the virus, it will be hard for it to go out of fashion soon.

I am sure many of us will still use the mask as a fashionable statement, maybe to bring attention to oneself or just to remind us of where we are from. I suggest we make a helmet-mask a standard policy.

Today I had to go to the market and people were being warned against putting the mask on the chin instead of the nose and mouth....their was an instant fine applicable or going to jail if found with your mask on your neck, forehead or just carrying it around. I think instead of being afraid of the virus to the point of it taking us hostage.... it's time we be bold and brave and build an industry around it. Which doesn't mean we become careless.....but we cautiously embrace it.... while learning about it and tactfully slaying it.

With many countries having realised that we can improvise our own health gadgets like ventilators, sanitisers and even herbal medicine, I have been thinking about designing a masks in the shape of various bird's beaks. Imagine a mask in shape of a fink favourite or a cuckoo's beak, or a parrot or a duck's beak.... even a gull's beak is great as a mask.

Maybe we go further and make a birds head-cum -beak, so that it's in two-in one product. Adding our favourite colours to it....if possible making an opening like the bird's beaks for easy opening while talking.

Have you realised that we have to pull down the mask in order to talk?.....I suggest we put a zipper or an overlapping opening. We shall be soon seeing buildings in the shape of a and ladies skirts are some of the items which can be designed in the shape of a mask..... What other products can you think of..... My daughter is saying a mask contest. 😍🤓