Innovation & Intelligence


What do you do when a child brings a poor grade home?......

Do you hug the child and find out what works for the child's brain?
Maybe find out where the child's genius lie.

Why?...... Because school as important as it is, is not the only one place where a child's intelligence is graded.

If we can just find time to explore together with the child on what piques his interest....most times it's not clear.

At times everything doesn't make sense and it again makes sense.

At times you have to shift, sieve options, consult, research and experiment....just to find clarity.

Because if the grades are that serious to you. Then doing your part as a parent, guardian and the adult should also be taken seriously.

Most human endeavours in school ripples right through whatever our career happens to be later in adulthood.

We need to invest in the schooling systems as everything else in the world interconnects.

What better place to start from than home.

Where a child's mind is peaceful and ready to engage in practical fiddling and tinkering, without competitive tension or fear of failure.

Though a child's intelligence can be tested any where; a Masai boy who tracks animal scent and footmarks can make a great vetinararian.

Who knew doodling and noodling is so key in creativity and concept development.

Who knew observing, watching, reflecting is so precious, it can be turned into a product, because it's helps in imagining, few people can harness it for use. Children are able to use it seamlessly as their minds are not yet full of the rat race which have made us adults go in circles each week, month and year.

So when a child brings poor grade home. Please find out what works for him. Because no career is beneath the other, they are all interlinked and it is our duty to find out where the link is.....and guide them to it, then everything starts falling in place and you stop giving a damn about the grades.