The Thirteen Positives


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Loses Might Loom Larger Than Gains; My positives from Covid -19.

😀At long last I came to learn how to effectively teach via Zoom, the etiquette of dressing and groom, the positioning of light and the distancing, the hand signals, and muting. Becoming confidence and optimistic virtually.

🤗I discovered that my son has a wonderful voice after he did an audio with his sister. He usually talks to himself a lot, mimicking radio programmes, advertisements. I knew he was on to something but thanks to quarantine and lockdown we have something to work with.

😉My daughter managed to polish up her High school humourous stories....they read like Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

😁Another one of my daughter was able to undertake fifteen online courses, which earned her a tea interview with a local Nonprofit.... this was after updating her resume on LinkedIn.

☺️I initiated a children's Covid19 song, uploaded on Talenthub, after a UN call out for creatives to come up with positive content regarding the pandemic. I collaborated with a lady called Sylvia who has the sweetest voice.

🤓At loooooong last, a case which has been ongoing for fifteen years will be coming to a conclusion... though I am not a lawyer....I learnt a number of insights from the case;

🤠That simple dates are crucial in mergers, second- meants and receiverships. Which are fertile grounds for litigation.

😌That in labour and employment issues, it's advisable for the plaintiff to file a case in a constitutional court rather than a labour court....twisted, but chances of winning are higher in an constitution court, and the lawyers are aware of it.

🤐That it's vital, important, crucial for your lawyer to speak on your behalf especially if you are the defendant, lawyers know how to poke, insinuate and provoke you to say something, anything...and with that they hold on whatever you said... however positive or negative....and for the plaintiff... whatever you provide for the lawyer is what will help with the case, you have to think like a lawyer not victim...the lawyer doesn't have all the facts you do....he uses what you have to win the case..... however insignificant. Rehearse and brainstorm continuously with your lawyers and trusted family, it helps in objectivity.

💃🕺We learned how to pray while kneeling down together holding hands....we had so much to fight for and we are not willing to lose we had to kneel down everyday to put our petition before Jehovah, to convince him to re-look into our lives, cases and requests afresh.

👷I finally finished an online course which took me through rapid prototyping, conceptualising and idea synthesis. Came up with a virtual reality streaming content.

🕵️ Found out why poor people buy insurance and why rich people sell it to them..... because rich people welcome the transfer of risk.... the same reason why we want to be bankers but not to own a bank....we are taught to be doctors but not to own a hospital or a pharmaceutical factory.

😉And the profitable of all, I was able to have my family together amid the squabbling and disagreements...we are closer, tolerant and more forgiving. 😷🤧😵

Without lockdown, quarantine and the big whale in every country, h ome, mind and room we couldn't have achieved all these....