Steeping Into Affiliate Marketing


Trends are showing large increase in online sales and seams that buyers like online shopping. Total global eCommerce retail is growing fast and prediction numbers of the future are rising shiny, just check that graf! Costumer habits are also showing that reviews and good web site and informative web store, increases trust, which increases sales. End there it is, that gateway for me. Why? I love to write and everybody needs good web site, original content that fits to their business. As I learn all about it, I would like to share the successes, knowledge and experiences in series of articles about affiliate marketing as publisher and writer. Buckle up, because my thesis is next: It's possible to create writing carer in Croatia online and along the way sell all kind's of merchandise around the world, have fun along in my own creative process and hopefully earn money while playing the game I adore, write some cool projects and share them with You guys, my beloved audience, and maybe, just maybe... inspire others to do the same for themselves.

E-commerce share of total global retail sales from 2015 to 2024 


It was late autumn 2018. when I first encountered fact that online shopping in the world is taking the leap. I was on the class, listening about worlds economy policy, one of my colleges had a presentation at the time, and mentioned information about significant revenue increase in online sails, especially eCommerce. As the info was on the table, analytical - pragmatical part of my brain, with pixie dust of creativity, awakes with provocative thoughts on the subject. What can I do to earn some money while I sleep?

Till the beginning of 2019. I found out that Making a sale while not having a store or even product possible. Amazed me. Drop shipping and drop servicing are the terms I researched the most. It's basically outsourcing workers (freelancers) as friendly cost (cheep) work, as You get quality work and fat payment because you sell service online, on the internet, targeting specific wanted niche. Works same for the drop shipping, only it's with products. Find cheep product form Amazon or eBay and sell it on your online store. But, since it's not my chosen business strategy, I'll put more focus on affiliate marketing as best strategy for publishers and writers to make some sales and earnings online, rather than drop shipping or servicing.

Print on-demand is also one of the "passive ways" to earn on the internet. You make your own designs, upload them on product available in the store (depends on the platform). Designs are being printed on the products as soon as the buyer buys the coffee mug or a T-shirt with your design on it. Sounds cool, right?

Back on topic. What can I do to sell stuff online to anyone? Where to sell? I started researching about what and where should I sell? Where is my niche? Can I actually earn by blogging and how affiliate fits in? What about socials? Print on demand stores? SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Marketing and self-promotion? Self-employment? How to make it all legal in Croatia? Practical part?

Anyway, I searched and learned about all that questions in my free time, worked while studying, and now when I have my bacc. pol degree, it's time to do some business, share and do the practice! Those questions will me my few next topics in series about the affiliate marketing.

And for now, let me just firmly brief you what's affiliate marketing?

Scrolling down the internet stores and Instagram these days seems to be favorite hobby and thing to do, so I fallowed. Read and explored, mostly online passive income or ways to earn money online. Blogging included. As all good stories starts by accident, this one starts in a quest to find unique and vintage stile peaces of furniture and clothes. And nice shoes of course.

I noticed few really good and flow going blog articles, offering me to buy the products at the end - some strange links I know single clue about, but ... that shoes! I did not clicked yet. Basically, I encountered with affiliate link, a good article about the product that I as a buyer (obviously) trusted, but knew no thing about. I didn't clicked yet.

"How affiliate links works?" was my next discovery.

CPA model or Cost-per-action model. Which mean, when sale has been made, you as a publisher earn commission. Earning are usually percentage of a sell price. Another words, that "suspicious" link had affiliate cookie, which reminded me later about sale I did not made, few days later - even dough price of delivery was of the limits, I buy them anyway! Genuinely, it was my first online shopping experience, I had to taste that feeling of having PayPal account, it was freshly baked at the time.

Any way, merchants give each affiliate a unique link so they can see who is making a sales, and commission. The girl, whom was writing a blog about the wardrobe, got some revenue from the trader just because I bought something from her link. It's called affiliate marketing. Sounds good so far.

Plan is next.

table of content-affiliate marketing level 1:

7 Steps For


1. Strategies for social networking and platform

2. Select the niche wisely

3. Affiliate programs, earning money and legal frame

4. Importance of authentic and creative content

5. How to build an audience and traffic on your store of blog?

6. Why is important that looks good? Because it drives clicks!

7. From clickes, to sales! :D

With two extra edition on AI marketing topic and Print on Demand topic :D


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