How these feelings were and are so very real to me

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I am absolutely falling into nowhere..
Slowly like a feather..
Unnoticed like a stranger..
Painful like a song..
Burning like a candle..
Calm like the water..
Sinking in its peacefulness..
Gone soon like a breeze..
And I am frightened by the dark, that builds like a wall around me...
My voice lost, for I once screamed too much.. Too loud..
I'm strangely fading from the crowd..
Even the reader, whom is interested in my writers side
Will forget and never see..
How serious.. I was.. Now am..
How these feelings were and are so very real to me.

Auteur: Evelynn
Drawing: Ophelya Donaldson


Reviews en Reacties:

5.0 / 5 (3 reviews)
Verberg reacties
Ik ga niet direct voor de tekst maar de tekening die spreekt me aan zegt zoveel meer dan woorden , mooi !
| 16:46 |
De tekening is prachtig ja! Zo een getalenteerde vrouw, die Ophelya!
| 16:47 |
The fear of the darkness numbs the senses, which are so needed to notice the little things. The little things which makes the effort of crawling out, worthwile. Embrace the darkness, and crawl out. All of us have to. Some on daily base
| 09:36 |
Wauw, prachtig MonsterMam!
Dankjewel voor het delen.
| 09:40 |
Dank voor de inspiratie. ;)
| 09:46 |

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