Stew From The Pot. ..

Here is another simple one. ..

It's a stew..

Ingredients; Fresh tomatoes, fresh pepper, onions, ginger and garlic (optional), fish, meat, egg(depends on your choice), seasoning, salt,(to taste), curry, (optional), thyme(optiona), oil.

METHOD: Wash the tomatoes, pepper, and onions, then blend together. Then, dice another onion in separate plate.

Steam under a moderate heat till the water dry out but not to burn. Then put out the fire or reduce to lowest.

STEP 1: Add a little quantity of oil, add the dice onion, then increase the light intensity to moderate, while it's boiling add seasoning, curry, thyme, and salt (to taste). Then, add the fish, meat, or egg. Cook together for few minutes.

STEP 2: Put a fresh pot on fire, add oil and let it hot, add the diced onions and the tomato mixture, stir-fry for few minutes, add a little water, add seasoning, curry, thyme, cook for 1 minute, add fish, meat, or egg. Add salt to taste.

P.S. Salt also depends on you. I do not use salt oftentimes, because I use salt to wash the meat, or fish. And the seasonings too has salt.

P.S. You can use crayfish as part of the seasoning too, if you like.

P.S. I season meat with blended ginger-garlic mixture, onions, curry, thyme and allow it to marinate for few minutes, then cook. I also do same for fresh fish...

Serve with Rice, yam, bread, spag or eat like that.. Your choice.

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