Only with your bare hands can you make delicious snowballs. Rolling, so a snowman, with the snow with us we really can't.

Still, it's really great. The neighbors are starting a new canopy. Whether this is convenient, that's only the question. The car is underneath it, and I feel sorry for the person who can stand under it when this plaque suddenly comes down.

Still, the snow is great. At the same time, you see children passing by with a sled, bright red cheeks and ferociously towing parents.



A clog fell into my collar

Down, very steadily

For me immediately the question arose

Who did it? Where's that blast?

Beware I'm not chasing you

But despite my fierce complaining

I believe I carry my destiny

Sore cold, ready for the next layer

Okay, I think I saw a little bit through now.

So for all, enjoy and challenge