Today I bring you a post about one of the things that we Venezuelans like the most; I could say that 90% of these share this taste, and it is the love of mangoes. How we love eating a mango, whether it is green or ripe.
First of all, mango is an exquisite fruit that is given by trees of the genus Manguifera. These are from the West, Asia. Where it is very common in countries like Pakistan, India, China, among others.

The expansion of the plant in Venezuelan territory is so great that wherever we go, we can get Manguifera trees, or as we colloquially call it ‘’ mango bush ’’. It is so much so, that just because of the urbanization where I live, which is a small block of pure houses and two small terraces of land, there are 8 mango bushes. The same people inside their houses have mango trees, apart from those outside in the urbanization.

And it is typical that, at harvest time, we see many people selling mangoes on the streets, and those who do not buy them simply dedicate themselves to knocking down mangoes from the trees, or getting on them and taking them personally.
This fruit presents two states, one immature whose coloration is green and another mature, whose color can vary from yellow to red. The greens usually have a slightly acidic flavor while the ripe one has a rather sweet flavor, in addition to citric in both stages. Sometimes the flavors can vary depending on the species of mango that we are eating.