Stork Waits Patiently

#Ooievaar 😍: The stork is a large bird of the Ciconiidae family of the order of the storks (Ciconiiformes). As a carnivore, the stork eats a wide range of animal prey, including insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals and small birds. He takes most of the food from the ground, between low vegetation and shallow water. He's a monogamous brother, but he's not a pair for life. The pair builds a nest consisting of large branches, which is sometimes used for years. Each year, the female lays one laying of usually four eggs, hatching asynchronously 33 to 34 days after laying. Both parents take turns breeding the eggs and both feed the young. The young leave the nest 58 to 64 days after hatching and are fed by the parents for another 7 to 20 days.
This stork is domiciled in the Oosterboer district of Meppel, on the edge of the Ringpark Oosterboer and the cycle path Rumptigerpad along the Hoogeveensevaart.