Hey all,

This is a little story of my passion and patience to complete this beautiful art! Hope you like it 😊
In my college every year they publish a college magazine. So I used to give some articles and drawings from 2nd year. In my 3rd year I thought to make a unique and creative drawing. So I've collected few arts and designs to get an idea, used some of my creativity  and I did this art. It took me 3-4 days to complete it. I utilized few hours in a day besides my daily work. In this way it helped me in keeping my focus constant because if I stress myself for more hours then I might lose my interest and patience. So this consistency and passion helped me in completing this art.I coloured only part of the art as I thought of it and submitted. After few days my Hod Mam saw the art and contacted me. She liked it very much and asked if I could colour the whole art and make it more beautiful.Until she told me about the Magazine title I didn't know about it and luckily my art was relatable to the title. So she asked me if I could make it more colourful so that it will be suitable for cover page of our magazine. So I have printed few papers of this art and tried colouring them with different kinds of colours. My family saw me how much patience I had while finishing it as it took few attempts to colour it perfectly. They are always there to support me. And finally after completing it, me and my family was very happy with the final art. So, then I've submitted it to our Magazine Coordinator Mam. She was very surprised and happy when she saw this art. She asked me if I've done any course. I felt very happy for her response. She told me that my art will be shown to Hod mam and she will finalise the decision. So this was the story. Recently one of my junior sent me a picture of our college magazine and guess what?? Hurray.. finally my art is on cover page. I'll post that picture when I bring my magazine from college. For now I'm sharing series of pictures and short video of the art through the process. Kindly share your thoughts in the comments 👇😊.