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When you were just a little child, you had an imagination about what your future should look like. Perhaps a future with your own family, your own house, your dream job. Or perhaps a future to travel the world with the one you love. You want to hold on to that imagination. Only when you are growing older that imagination will slowly drop away. It will slowly drop away, because of the things that will happen in your life. You will see the world from another perspective then that you saw the world when you were just a child. You will see that there is not only happiness and beauty in life. You will experience that there also happen terrible things in the world. War, murder, rape, suicide, deadly accidents, depression, cancer or other terrible diseases. It happens all over the world, far away from you. It also happens in your personal life, close by you in your family or with yourself. So, slowly that imagination full of happiness what you had is going to drop away. In your life, you come at a point that you want to find that imagination back. You want to pull that imagination back to you and you want to hold on to it. You want to keep hope that it will all going to be alright.

Keep hope! At some day you will find out that your imagination will no longer be an imagination. Perhaps it is a little different, but there is a beautiful life out there for you. Be patient and keep believing that it is all going to be alright. What you are going through is to make you a beautiful and strong person.