String beans with pork fillet from the frying bag

String beans with pork fillet from the frying bag

Casserole recipe with fresh string beans and pork, tasty lean and plenty of flavor preservation! And very easy to prepare!

Supplies for 4 people:

1 sachet of sliced string beans

4 potatoes cut into slices

4 pork lips

loin herbs

French fries seasonings

roasting bag

Roast dish


Preheat the oven, 10 minutes to 200 degrees.

Put the string beans and sliced potatoes in the frying bag.

Sprinkle this with the French fries herbs and gently shake the bag, so that the spices are well distributed.

Now also seasoning the pork lips, with the pork herbs.

Put it on top of the string beans and potatoes and close the bag.

Leave some space in the bag, for any steam.

Puncture 2 holes in the bag in the top, through which steam can escape through.

Place the whole in the frying dish and let it cook at 200 degrees in about an hour.


First, cut a hole in the top of the frying bag, before removing the meal from the bag. Let the hot steam escape first. After that, you can cut the bag open and shake the contents out of the bag very easily.

Eat tasty.