A few years ago, we lived a very significant experience in our institution, the so-called Student Teachers, the Ministry of Education at the time gave instructions for the selection of students of 4th or 5th year of diversified middle education, willing to work assisting teachers, these would have the work to support in academic activities to students of the first year who are lagging behind or having difficulties in certain subjects, always under the direction and direction of the Professor in charge.

For the selection of these trainers a rigorous process was carried out, the best averages were considered and both the selected students and their representatives were interviewed, everything needed to be informed about it, corroborate their readiness and verify whether they would make such a commitment.

The trainers would attend once a week according to the guidelines that the Teacher dictated to a group of assigned students, weekly they should report the incidents to the Student Welfare department of which I am part and meet with the teacher to know the guidelines to follow.

Such an essay of the Preparators the first year was full of incentives, a monthly payment was provided and at the end of the school year they were given an Electronic Tablet, the subsequent years such incentives were disappearing, as well as the interest of students to take on such work.