Student of literature

I believe I have always been a student of literature, even before getting two degrees in the same field. The unfaltering interest developed over the years when I first started reading poetry as a part of my school curriculum. It was the most honest and one of the most beautiful experiences I have had as a person.

Right from reading about Byron and Keats to discovering a whole wide world of Shakespeare was something that made me slide right into the amazing world of literature. So much so that when I got out of school, I went ahead to pursue my Bachelor’s in English literature, and that eventually led to a Master’s degree too. I always cherish the experiences I have had with the books, poetry, and literary texts that beautifully added to my years as a person.

Now, I continue to read and explore different genres and would like to share my reviews and findings on the books I read in the everyday course of life.

P.S. I also click photos as a hobby. Excited to share them here!
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