The best thing you can do is to study the market and the situation in your country, taking into account that the currency you decide to invest has good or more reliable support.

A couple of years ago I had seen news in which the Chinese currency was generating "competition”,.

The US dollar, therefore governments allied to communism wanted to sell their oil reserves to Chinese currency, for the simple fact of waging war on American capitalism, but they saw that it did not work for them at all, because it is not convenient for anyone to invest in a currency that does not have stability.

And large industries and companies are interested in commercial currency, which is the US dollar.

A story in Venezuela was around 2015-2019, people of good economic standing tried to keep their money in the national currency, without taking into account the fluctuations of such, because in less than 1 year many people, went bankrupt or not so much to themselves, their money had devalued more than 1000%. So if you plan to do it, take into account all the necessary criteria.

Study the market to save