Sudoku 4x4 - Santa Claus - 4 free printables | ellesvandenbroek

Sudoku 4x4 - Santa Claus - 4 free printables

sinterklaas sudoku 16 compartments 4 x 4

Logical thinking, puzzling and collaborating. Choose a sudoku and solve it. Fun activity for a Sinterklaas carousel, for example.

4 downloads of 16 vaks (4x4) sudoku in Santa Claus - theme.

Students often find these kinds of 'puzzles' a lot of fun to do. In different levels, but all doable by the middle building.

In each box of 4, row and column, each image can only appear once.

Cut the images and place them in the right place in the sudoku.

Tip: laminate everything so you can play with it more often.

With the images of the Talk Plate 'The Bakery in Sinterklaas Time'.

Download the 4 Sudoku printables here.

Lots of fun!

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