Summer water game: “Cleaning up plastic soup”

Summer warmth is delicious but also quite exhausting when it takes a long time. So we soon find some cooling in the water. You can also combine learning and playing very fun. This is the proof of this original example ofIneke van der Lindewith the activity in her host parent care.

She plays with the children as much as possible outdoors and also with this warm weather suitable alternatives are offered. This activity is entirely in line with Ineke's approach to dealing with waste, reuse and pollution, etc. There is, of course, a lot of plastic waste. You'll find litter all around you. She regularly cleans this up with her children in the shelter as supporters of Schoon.

Now they're doing it in a small-scale way. An idea to draw attention to the pollution of the sea and all the plastic found in it. By talking about this topic with the children and cleaning up together, an experience like this remains better in their minds. This way we all make each other more aware and also play wonderfully with water and the warm weather! #plasticsoep

Ineke tells: “Throw some plastic caps etc. in the pool and let the children fish the “Plastic Soup” from the “ocean”. (educational, fine motor skills, colour sorting/recognition, eye/hand coordination) and of course cool off with this beautiful weather”

Nice busy with buckets and scoops and plastic waste!

An example of all materials..

An instructive book about the plastic soup in the ocean. By Annemarie van den Brink.

Check out the book here.

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