SURVIVING A RELATIONSHIP | Ibthisam_abdurahiman


Growing up watching rom-coms and fantasy movies, we are forced to believe that relationships are like fairy tales with happy endings. Every such movie ends with the couple either getting married or are happily together. They don't show what happens after that. Or is that they really don't want you to watch the 'not so romantic' reality that follows.


Do you really think things are as romantic as they are portraited in those movies? Not necessarily. Picturize a couple waking up in the same bed with stinky drool all over their face. Is that even romantic?! I would say, relationships are about 'tolerance'. It's two people tolerating each other. Some might prefer calling it 'understanding', but trust me, it's just a fancy word.

Being in a relationship is all about you trying hard, not to hit him in the head, with the pan in your hand. Even if you find yourself in a situation, you listen to your inner voice, bring yourself together and attain the state of tolerance. That's a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, it's when your tolerance hits it's rock bottom that you have to stab him multiple times, chop him into fine pieces, make yum biriyani out of him and just gobble.

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