#Duurzaamheid & #Transitie “I am surprised that only a few understand that there is a major social shift coming” Professor Jan Rotmans is a professor and international authority in the field of sustainability and transition. Bloovi writer Mischa Verheijden visited him at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Jan Rotmans is not a man of complicated theories. On the contrary. He also calls himself a scientivist and conducted the won climate case against the Dutch state with Urgenda. For thirty years he has been deepening into transition and trying to point out the tipping of the economy and society: “I think it will remain very restless for another ten years and we will move towards a new kind of dynamic equilibrium.”

Greenland may lose more ice this century than in the 12,000 years before.
The rate at which the ice has melted over the past twenty years equals the highest speeds in recent geological history — and is still rising.