Sustainable Development

#towatch Taking care of the planet is everyone's mission, over there I heard a phrase recently saying: Everyone cares about leaving a better planet for their children, because we don't worry about leaving better people for the planet The scarcity of resources, global warming, deforestation, drinking water are all symptoms of a lack of control on a global scale, sustainably consuming resources is the key, consuming without exhausting, preserving species and without mistreating the planet, but who rattles the cat countries such as Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, that generate oil are not called to resolve, and in some of them, they are not up for the work, this increases production costs, as long as we do not realize that we produce? And how do we produce it? The situation will not change, as we explain to future generations that we must not pollute, if we survive on it?
I include an article that I got, about why we should include sustainability in education.