is amazing how a city can function sustainably with its own natural resources, by organizing itself and becoming aware of saving the planet.

A sustainable city is a model that makes a rational use of the natural and technological resources that its population needs.
They are cities capable of balancing their environmental, social and economic needs.

When we talk about sustainable development, it is the aspiration to a methodology of human society that does not pollute or destroy the planet. In this way it is avoided that it becomes uninhabitable for future generations in exchange for immediate wealth.

Sustainable development is a necessity for post-industrial humanity, which is beginning to understand that its traditional development model is unviable.

It consists of the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources and the continuous damage to the global ecosystem.

The depletion of raw materials, ecological imbalance and climate change are warning signs. On the contrary, sustainable cities are those that achieve their own model, taking into account their own factors and determining factors, their geography, their population and their history.

The rules for a sustainable city to function would be:
- Ecological transit
- Rational use of resources
- Equal rights
- The three R's... Reduction, reuse and recycling

Sustainable cities of the world
✓ Copenhagen, Denmark
✓ San Francisco, USA
✓  Reykjavik, Iceland
✓ Toronto, Canada.
✓  Melbourne, Australia .

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