Tagliatelle met varkenshaasje en spek

Ingrediënten 4p
- 500 gram varkenshaas
- 200 gram spekblokjes
- 1 teentje look
- 200 ml vleesbouillon
- 10 cl lactosevrije room
- handje verse basilicum
- 1 sjalot
- peper/zout/paprikapoeder
- olijfolie

Schroei het varkenshaasje dicht op een hoog vuur. Plaats het nog 10min in een voorverwarmde oven van 180 graden. Haal het uit de oven en laat rusten in aluminiumfolie

Bak de spekblokjes krokant in een pannetje zonder vetstof.

Snipper een sjalot en stoof in olijfolie. Voeg de bouillon en room toe en laat wat inkoken.

Kook intussen de tagliatelle beetgaar. Laat uitlekken en voeg toe aan de saus

Kruid af met peper, zout, paprikpoeder en de fijngesneden basilicum.

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Yoors Music Challenge - Cover Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack
#yoorsmusicchallenge #yoorsmusic #cover #pianomuziek #yoorsoriginalvideo  From day 1 when the Yoors Music was launched and the challenge was opened by an amazing cover of Unsomnia by Phil Rehm, I was hugely inspired by his video, the beat, the creativity and I played that song over and over again. It challenged me and I started the Yoors Music Challenge. My contributions are very different. From piano pop music, classical music, a few pop songs with vocals added for the first time. It's all very exciting, but I am so eager to see what you can get out of yourself in terms of creativity and I have no idea which way I want to go sometimes. I know that I am always quick to think and shoot in many directions, but I think that is also partly my enthusiasm, my eagerness to learn. Whoever told me today that I would be doing all this in the past two weeks, I would never have believed. I hadn't played for years and then about three months ago I started again with a song Aan de Amsterdamse grachten and from there I dared more and more and the pop songs came. But more happened. I dared to play my classical pieces again, but also to make my own improvisations on pop music. Carefully, I dared to cross another threshold by singing. But during the past two weeks, a longing remained in my streams that I would like to make a beat song one day. But how? I had no idea, until one morning I was listening to the song Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack. No, you shouldn't tinker with it Madeleine, that song is already so perfect by itself. But do I have to make a perfect song and why not challenge myself to see how far I can get with my own arrangement of it? Well then, let's make the beat first. Drums, bass mixed and then strings orchestra played in and then just freestyle piano. And then see what happens. That's not easy, it's a hell of a job to be honest, but oh so instructive and you have to do it a thousand times over. In the end, I almost succeeded for the first time. It's certainly not perfect yet, but hey, as an amateur, it's just great to get a musical taste of everything that goes on in my head that needs to come out. It reminded me of when you used to buy a single, you always had the original track and on the back often a musical version. That's what this has become a bit like. I hope you find it funny and enjoyable and it was totally out of my comfort zone, but a lot of fun and educational to do. Have fun listening! Love, Madeleine