Take off your shoes - question

I'm just reading Margriet a question from someone or she or they can ask people if they want to take off their shoes, or if that's weird. Honestly, I think it's a strange question, but that could certainly have to do with my upbringing. As far as I can remember, grandma says;), it used to be quite normal to take off your shoes on anyone, even when the weather was very nice, unless they said you could keep your shoes on. Now I must also add that I come from the shipping industry myself and there were sometimes some things on deck on ships, even though the deck had just been waxed, and you didn't want to take that inside. But it was also quite normal to take off your shoes in people's homes. In the winter months, you walked in in slippers when it was too cold to wear socks alone, and in the summer months, I often walked and walk in barefoot.
Back to the question; personally, I don't find it strange that someone asks the visitor to take off their shoes at the front door, or back door, when everyone comes in there. I also don't know anyone who would find that strange if you ask that, and they often do that on their own or ask nicely if they can keep their shoes on or take off.
What do you think about it?


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