Talking about the Holy Spirit (34)

...the devil this weekend freaked out...

Where the Spirit appears, the pain disappears

Follow-up story Kalle and Pietje, part 34

That was very special, Kalle, says Pietje.And even more so: the pain is gone! My elbow is back to normal.Would that be the work of the Holy Spirit?


Kalle reacts radiantly: That seems to me.Fantastic, Pietje! To what do we owe it to God bless us so much? And then that promise Gerrit gave us...what a weekend! What a God!

I think the devil's been pretty shocked this weekend.God has done so much in our lives.He must be impressed by that, don't you think?

Yeah, there's really no words for it.It is almost too much, but let us continue to enjoy God's immeasurable Love for us.The devil may be shatting his own peas.

Oh, I'm glad I got rid of the pain!

With the keyword interwoven in this story womanizer also fits this part into the 140 words challenge of this month conducted by @Dewaputra .

In addition, the Alpha course an important source of inspiration for this phase of the story about Kalle and Pietje.


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