10 super ideeën om je trap te pimpen

Velen van jullie zullen het wel kennen, je wil iets met je trap doen... maar wat? Een paar jaar geleden tijdens de verbouwing van ons huis hebben we de stoffering al van de trap gehaald en de boel wit geschilderd. De trap is nu netjes, maar wel saai.

Het mooie weer is in aantocht en dan krijg ik de kluskolder in m’n kop. Ik wil de trap gaan pimpen. Maar hoe? Internet levert een aantal prachtige inspiratiebronnen, zoals deze trappen voor de echte boekenwurm:

Of trappen met een inspirerende tekst:

Keuzes, keuzes... Wat denken jullie van deze, wat rustigere trappen?

Ik vind het echt moeilijk kiezen. Ze zijn allemaal zo mooi!

Misschien is dan toch een trap met schoolbordverf de beste optie, die kan ik iedere keer naar hartenlust aanpassen.

Welke trap heeft jullie voorkeur? Of heb je juist iets heel anders in gedachten? Heb je zelf je trap op spectaculaire wijze gepimpt?

Laat het me weten, ik ben benieuwd! :) 

Bron foto header: Art Moms

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Smile in self-defense
Again greetings to everyone around here. I recently asked about what topic they would like to read to me and there were people who told me about my vision of “Resilence”. And that is that “new power” that is spoken of is to know how to overcome very strong situations that can affect us as human beings; we mean losses of loved ones, personal or work relationships or other situations of adversity. I can start with what was my first approach with an example of resilience. There was a couple who eagerly waited for the arrival of their first child, as soon as she was received to the world the pediatrician told them that “I would never get to anything because she had Down Syndrome”. That phrase, said to bocajarro devastated them. Depression, looking for what they had done wrong pursued them for a good time. Meanwhile, Pablo, who was called the baby, was falling in love like every child and taught them through a smile that was always going to be pure and innocent, that their task as parents was just beginning. They prepared for what they had to face. They read a lot, sought help, did therapy.. As Pablo grew up, they took him to swimming - because he also had problems with asma- and it turned out he was good, very good at that.. Then he was interested in music and learned guitar and drums. He learned, at his own pace, to read and write, to master not only Spanish but English. They had another son and Paul became a careful and loving older brother until his brother surpassed him in stature and became another shield before those who intended to attack his elder brother. Pablo became a high-performing athlete at the Special Olympics and brought several medals to Venezuela. - His parents never gave up, only adapted to the reality they had to face.. They sought help, surrounded themselves by people who - like them - lived the same situation and supported together. And above all, they learned to take refuge in Paul's pure and innocent smile, in the love-filled look in which they were reflected. Resilience is that, fighting what hurts us without fear of accepting what it does, but understanding that it depends on us how much affects us. Surround you with people who can shake your hands and who are not afraid to ask for help and be able to look back later and... smile in self-defense. Paul, at more than 30 years old, remains in a constant struggle to continue to prove that no one can put brakes on anyone's dreams and that his gaze is on the future.
This beautiful very stylized flamingo also goes in the basket. He too is ready and is going to roam but where do I not know yet. It's very nice that I alternate between some more complicated work and the simple something easier to make. I find it very difficult to set clean lines on the sometimes rough stones. I hope the finder will enjoy it as much as I do when making. Have you found these or any other of my stones I would like a message. You can keep my stones or let them roam whatever you want. #yoorsstones6137 #yoorsstones #paintedrocks #creativelyengaged #happystones #dwarfwedges #joystones #yoors #YHS6137 #yhs #flamingo