Renesmee had spent the rest of the ride home singing along with every song on the radio. Unlike her father who would get annoyed with her and force her to shut up, Esme adored listening to her granddaughter's singing.

"You should sing more! How about I talk to your dad and we can ask for permission for you to sing in a choir or a vocal group?", she suggested. If Edward allowed it, perhaps Renesmee could get to meet more people close to the age she appeared to be? And she would have fun while doing she seemed to truly enjoy.

Renesmee scrunched her nose. "Nah, this requires performing in front of people. I don't want to sing on a stage. I want to sing for myself."

"You don't have to sing on a stage. You can just go there to have fun," her grandmother reminded her and earned a shrug and a "We'll see". Better than nothing. She was still going to go share her idea with the rest of the family. It never hurt to try.

Renesmee was carrying her bags to her room when she heard typing on a keyboard. Somebody was home. But who? It couldn't be her parents, they would have gone straight to their separate house to catch up on what they did every night, while they believed their teenage daughter was sound asleep. So it had to be one of her aunts or uncles. She followed the sounds she heard to check who it was. Surprisingly, her uncle Jasper was in the study, typing something on the computer.

"Howdy, Uncle Jasper!", greeted the hybrid, feeling rather hyper after spending some time with her grandmother, as she entered the room, still carrying her stuff. She plopped the bag with goods on one of the chairs in front of the desk where her uncle sat in front of the computer, "Whatcha doin'?", she demanded to know, needing just anything to distract her from boredom - that was her biggest flaw - she would get bored too easily for everybody's liking, even when she had been a young child. Everyone would remember how Renesmee would not allow her own mother to tell her one and the same story more than once.

Jasper softly smiled at his niece but refused to take his eyes off the computer. What he was doing there was truly important not only for him but for the other person behind the screen, "Oh, hey, Renesmee. I'm not doing much - just working, you know?"

The young girl rushed to the computer to see what her uncle was talking about. "Ooh, what are you working on? Can I check, pretty please?"

But before she could see anything, her uncle had already dimmed the screen. "No, Renesmee. I don't want to be rude, but you can't see any of it, this is none of your business."

She raised her eyebrow, "Does auntie Alice know about this?"

Jasper disliked being firm, but his niece was annoying him. She was a young lady, yet she was behaving rather child-like at the moment. What was she on? Had she consumed too much sugar during the day? It was a bad idea to go to the store with Esme - that woman would spoil her grandchild way too much. "Again, none of your business."

Renesmee kept her both of her eyebrows raised and her arms crossed over her chest stubbornly. She wasn't going to give up and her uncle knew it. However, he wasn't going to give up either, "There's nothing interesting about my work, Renesmee. Now, please take away your things, your parents are coming to collect you soon."

The hybrid shook her head and took her bags with herself, a frown on her beautiful face. Why couldn't her uncle show her what he was doing? What was such a top-secret? And did Alice know about this? What if he was cheating on her? What if he was secretly in contact with another woman - a prostitute maybe? Renesmee had been alive for much shorter than most people around her, but she wasn't anywhere near as stupid and innocent as her family believed so.

She knew she wasn't supposed to look into her family members' computers and to disrupt their privacy (she would get mad if they did the same to her), alas curiosity killed the cat and while her uncle was out of the room, she couldn't help but snoop around, desperately needing to know what he had been really doing on the computer.

To her surprise, when she adjusted the screen brightness just the way she liked, she found a conversation between what seemed to be her uncle and another person. She looked at the top of the browser, where the site's name had been written - 7Cups. Looking at the site itself, it appeared to be one for online therapy. Aha! So her uncle was an online therapist? And what was so private about that? Why couldn't have he told her?

The conversation between Jasper and the mysterious client was heartbreaking - the person seemed to have so many problems and no one to share them with, he or she had turned to a literal stranger online. Renesmee couldn't help but feel sorry for whoever was behind the screen. Suddenly, she wished she could message him and make him feel better. Perhaps that way she could strike a pleasant conversation that could lead later on to friendship online and no one could stop her, right? And even if anyone dared to, she would always find a way to get what she wanted. Sometimes she was so insolent and spoiled that nobody was sure how to deal with her. Everyone hoped she would simply outgrow it. After all, she still had some time before she officially stopped ageing and from there, she had the rest of the time in the world to do whatever she pleased.

Afraid that she would be caught in the act, she quickly took note of the patient's username before dimming the screen of the computer again and dashed off just in time for her parents' cat to arrive to pick her up. She gave quick hugs to her parents and put away her stuff before saying goodbye to the rest of her family.

"Are we going home now?", she asked as she was putting her seatbelt on.

Her parents had other plans - they had very little food in the fridge and instead of going shopping for more, they had decided to take their daughter to a fancy restaurant in the town nearby. And not only to let her eat (Bella and Edward, just like other vampires, never needed to eat human food) but to spend some time with her, always being too busy with University work.

On the way to the restaurant, while her parents were discussing the assignments they had to hand in for their courses, Renesmee, like a typical teenager, was listening with half an ear while being on her phone. Her parents didn't even know that she was making an online profile on 7Cups.

The first thing to do after creating her profile was to quickly find the mysterious person and to message them before she forgot about them. And she didn't want to forget about them - simply learning about their existence had to be one of the most interesting things that had happened to her recently.

Renesmee desperately wanted to message them. But what could she tell them? For sure, she couldn't just tell them that she had seen her uncle, who happened to be their therapist. Now she could understand why her uncle wouldn't tell her what he was doing - information about his patients couldn't be confided in just anybody. There was a small part of her that suddenly felt guilty for snooping in and obtaining practically forbidden information. But there was a much bigger one that could care less and would remind her that she only lived once (even if it was for much longer than most people) and that messaging a person wouldn't harm anyone.

With that, she pressed on a button that took her to a messenger and from there, she typed her greeting, a simple "hey" with a smiley face in the end.

With that, she began tapping her nails on her phone case, patiently waiting for his reply as Bella was parking the car near the restaurant.

CUPS OF TEA [2] - a The Twilight Saga Fan Fiction